Word Portraits


The heart using music symbols was made for a 12 year old girl who told me about the things she loves.  This was so fun to do because she was eager to see what it would come out like, and she had very specific ideas.  She was pleased with the result!

All of the textures in these paintings are words... Not obvious at first glance, but when you look close you might see some letters, and then a word here or there...  The longer you look, the more you’ll see.   I always include a copy of all the words I use in the painting (your words) so you have some reference...

Some examples of previously done word portraits:

I enjoy painting people but I’ve found that painting a traditional portrait often doesn’t completely satisfy me...  The best part of painting someone’s visage, for me, is that I spend time with them and get to hear their stories...

So, besides my more realistic work,  I’ve been painting what I call “word portraits”...

I begin by asking a lot of questions:  What inspires you?  What do you love?  What makes you laugh?  Then, using what has been shared with me, I create a painting for you, personally.  My goal is to create a visual reminder for you of the highest and best that you aspire to!  When you commission one of my word portraits you are part of the creative process!

This green and pale lavender flower painting was created for a woman who has a very positive outlook on life... She loves to garden, loves flowers, loves to laugh... I think that comes through in the painting!

The leaves were created for a mother of 3 young children who lives in Phoenix but grew up elsewhere and  misses Fall.  She shared great stories of her family and the elderly people she works with who inspire her.

This one was created for the conductor of an orchestra who is high energy, demanding, and full of life... She loves the young people she works with, and loves motivating them to be the best musicians they can be!

The young woman this was created for spoke repeatedly of making connections... between people, ideas, books she’s read... She’s an excellent communicator and someone who is very good at making connections!

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“I own a day school for dogs and we wanted to find a unique way to thank a client who has been extraordinarily supportive of our program. We asked Pam if she would be willing to do a word portrait for our client's two dogs and she agreed. The piece was beautiful! Her choice of colors, style, design and use of descriptive words and story were nothing short of brilliant. If you or someone you know appreciates original, thoughtful and personal art then you must consider having Pam create a word portrait of someone special in your life. “    -Stefanie S.