Having someone in your life with whom you share stories...      ...well, it eases everything. 

Each person represented here has something to share with you.  What story do you hear when you look at “Reina’s Faith” or “Knitter”? 

I enjoy painting people...  Capturing a moment of their time, or rather, catching a glimpse of all time in a moment... 

All images property of Pamela Kruse Coste.  No duplication of any kind is allowed without express permission of Pamela Kruse Coste.

(Jon was looking for an artist willing to paint at his wedding as a present for his wife; this is what he had to say later:)

"Working with Pamela was a very enjoyable experience.  I was looking for a painting for my wife, but I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted.  Pam invited me to a gallery where some of her work was displayed.  I discovered a style I never would have thought of.  Pam went out of her way to research the location for the piece, prior to the date it was scheduled.  The end result was a very well done, tasteful, and meaningful piece that we will have forever.  I highly recommend working with Pam, she is an incredible artist, and a great person all around."     -Jon S.