Join the Fun!

Small Group Paintings:


These are usually 2’X4’ canvases, done by you and your loved ones, whoever that may be!    I bring the materials, guide you through the process, and tie it all together to make sure you end up with a fabulous painting.  Everybody paints and has a great time!  The price for these starts at $250.  This is a fabulous activity when you have  friends or grandparents in town... and when they’ve gone home, you have a treasure to hang on the wall that all hands have participated in creating!   Pure fun!

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“My favorite piece of art is proudly displayed on the wall in the Family Room of my home.  It is not my favorite piece simply because of its beautiful colors, the texture, or because it incorporates the personality of each one of my children, my husband, and myself.  It is not my favorite piece simply because it was an anniversary gift.  It is my favorite because it was created together as a family. 

Pamela Coste came to my home, with a blank canvas, paints and all, and guided us in mixing colors, giving each family member their turn to create.  Once each family member was finished she then tied the entire painting together with her professional touch.”

Teresa M.