Are you inspired by words?  How is it that squiggles on a page are translated into ideas which touch our hearts and move us?

These paintings are similar to my word portraits except that instead of interviewing someone else, I take my ideas from something in my environment...  a pet, a book, a news event, a speaker I heard or, once in a while, an original thought of my own!   All  have words in them as part of the texture of the painting... not obvious at first glance, but when you know what you’re looking for, you begin to see them.

The hand-written word is fast disappearing from our lives, but it is so much more expressive than typeface... This is my way of connecting words with visual communication.

It is my sincere desire to help you live your truth by creating a visual reminder of what is most important in life.



All images property of Pamela Kruse Coste.  No duplication of any kind is allowed without express permission of Pamela Kruse Coste.

So much of what we say every day isn’t really what we intend to express... Hang a word painting like this where you’ll see it every day... Use it to help you focus on what you want to focus on. 

This painting was created based on a Bible verse from the book of Matthew... It includes that passage and personal commentary on it.

Peace that is vast and deep, radiates a powerful warmth.

"What Holds You" came from listening to a speaker who had novel ideas about what keeps people well and thriving.