Who Am I?

Artist Statement

I love to paint.  I love to create.   I love to learn.

But, I struggle...

Why do art?  WHY?

(There are so many important things to do on this earth... feed the hungry, inspire hope, work for peace, save the wild places, make someone laugh, make things work better, build homes for the future, facilitate healing... God!  What good is art?)

I am compelled.

There are things I must express that cannot be caged only in words... They need more... They need color and light and mood and motion and space and rhythm and edges and value and focus and balance and harmony and  well,    ...art.

(Oh, I get it)  Art inspires us.  To feed the hungry.  To find hope.  To work for peace.  To preserve the wild.  To make someone laugh.  To design things like Apple.  To create home spaces that are good for us all.  To find a way to deliver healing. 

Like receiving a lightening bolt to the heart and living to tell the story.



Born in a town of 40,000 in southern Minnesota, Pamela grew up on a farm as the youngest of five.  Although she showed artistic promise as a child, it was only after making many choices that continually took her away from art that she realized how firmly called to art she felt. 

Pamela has a degree in theology, has worked in shoe repair, fiber optics installation, cake decorating... has traveled three quarters of the way around the world on a sailboat... has lived on an island with only two other adults and two children...

Her artistic journey has been enhanced by opportunities near her home in Phoenix, AZ... she has studied with Stephanie Birdsall,  Rose Frantzen, Tracy Schacht, Gabor Svagrik , Dan Young, & Shuqiao Zhou. She has modeled for numerous inspirational artists including  Kim English, Dan Gerhartz, David Leffel, Robert Lemler,  Sherrie McGraw, Henry Stinson,  Jove Wang and others.

Pamela is married to Dave, a highly creative and supportive fellow artist of the musical sort.  Together they are raising  three brilliant children.


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